SATIVA Production©

Making the Sense in Influencer Marketing

What We Offer ?

SATIVA is an independent production agency that focuses on real people marketing materials for brands like Reviews , Testimonials  a.k.a  influencer marketing.
We are currently focusing on bringing brands to life on social media  with guaranteed results we work in the Middle East and North Africa 

Our Services such as : 

Spokesperson Videos

Promote your Service with a HQ On demand videos with a will written Script by a Normal / Professional  Presenters   

Content Hosting

Focus on what matters , we will do hard work like Video Editing and Digital presence ..
Just Do Your Content

Product UnBoxing

Nothing is Real beyond opening your product from a real person with a detailed point of views 

Influncer Marketing

People believe people 77% percent more than Ads , use honest testmonials to reveal your brand power   

E-Courses Production

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Kids Shows

To produce distinctive digital content for children, to establish values ​​for young generations, and also to help the child himself to give

Let’s Work Together.. 

IF you are a Model , actress , or a even a normal person want to earn as a freelancer in influncer marketing sign the form below and we will contact you shortly .